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AFL Fans Boo New Movie Poster for Adam Goodes’s Documentary

A new poster for Adam Goodes’s upcoming film was released today, and Australian Football fans are not happy.

The documentary, called The Australian Dream, examines racism in Australian culture by highlighting the Goodes’s own personal struggles with the issue. The two-time Brownlow medalist footballer is no stranger when it comes to receiving racist remarks against him, with many instances of unpleasant crowd interactions documented in the past.

But even though the AFL legend is retired, it seems the boos won’t be stopping anytime soon, because after revealing a poster for the movie, fans immediately took to making jests about it.

“I hear The Australian Dream will do for racism, what Jaws did for swimming,” tweets user jaidynstephensondidnothingwrong.

Another person on Reddit has simply said “BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”.

While many are supporting Adam Goodes, some commentators are saying they can see the light-heartedness with such responses and believe it symbolises classic Australian larrikinism.

“It’s just a prank bro,” says 4GB’s Triple N radio shock jock Alan Jones. “These are clearly very funny jokes from some very funny people online and I don’t think they should be taken as anything else. Unless of course, they’ve said something about me – then that’s wrong”.

Adam Goodes has refused to make any formal statements on the new reaction from fans but has tweeted he will be spending some time at home on the couch, watching Nick Davis’s match-winning goal against Geelong in 2005 on repeat and possibly eating some ice-cream as well.

The Australian Dream is out on August 22.


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