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Another Trailer for a Disney Live-Action Remake Fools People into Thinking it Will Be Good

Disney has done it once again. A teaser trailer for their next live-action remake has dropped and it’s already tricking people to think it will be good.

The movie in question is Mulan, which is set for release next year. But in classic Disney fashion, the trailer shows less than 90 seconds of footage from the film; a calculated marketing tactic to build up hype for the film seen previously with their other live-action remakes Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book, Aladdin, and The Lion King.

And it seems that it’s already working, even though none of the said films were actually good.

“Here at Disney, we believe that less is more,” says spokesperson Mickey Mouse. “Trailers aren’t meant to give away anything substantial. They’re there to provide false hope and to sell pre-orders. If we started showing more to the film, guess what, no one would want to come because there’s nothing good to see”.

While the remarkably honest statement was later retracted by Mr. Mouse, it seems that fans do not care whatsoever.

“OMG! MULAN IS BACK BABY!” tweets one user online. “This is like, going to be so much better than like, The Jungle Book or Aladdin. It looks like really historical and stuff and the action looks so AWESOME!”

Another Reddit user has even started a petition to call the new film “Mulan: Crouching Tiger Hidden Mushu”.

Once again, it looks doubtful that fans will learn from mistakes in the past and the Disney mega maniacal entertainment corporation is already waiting to profit.

For those who haven’t seen it, you can watch the trailer here.


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