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Another Trailer for a Stephen King Film Suggests Author is Probably Being Held Hostage

2019 looks set for another Stephen King film and fans are worried this could mean the author is being held hostage for ideas.

The new film is called Doctor Sleep and will be a follow-up to another Stephen King film, The Shining. It will be the third King film out this year, following last month’s release of Pet Sematary and the upcoming horror film It: Chapter Two.

This has set a new precedented record for the author’s book to film adaptions, with fans saying they wouldn’t be surprised if Hollywood executives are holding a gun to his head to come up with more films.

“Ten bucks says he’s like Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad,” says Reddit user “Richie Tozier”. “I mean, do you remember that meme where Mickey Mouse is milking this skinny cow, where Mickey is Disney and the cow is Star Wars, that’s exactly it except the cow is Stephen King and Mickey is everyone in Hollywood.”

To make matters worse, King’s own family haven’t heard from him in weeks and are beginning to feel worried.

“He told us he was going away on vacation to the Bahamas,” says the author’s daughter Carrie King. “But now we’re all worried he could be locked up in some dungeon somewhere with a typewriter and chains around his legs.”

Doctor Sleep is set for release November 22 and you can watch the teaser trailer here.

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