6/10. Surprisingly funny. Archer S10E02 shows signs that the classic archer humour is still alive and well.

For those keeping track, my first experience with Archer:1999 was very underwhelming. One episode in and I was already worried the rest of the series was going to be a drag. But thankfully, episode 2 squashed those fears, mainly because it was actually funny (kind of).

I add the “kind of preface” to say that S10E02 was by no means drop dead hilarious overall, but rather there were a few moments that were pretty great. I wasn’t chuckling hysterically, but I did find myself smiling and laughing here and there.

Mainly because for the first time it felt akin to classic Archer style humour but without it feeling stale or unoriginal. Some of the same character dynamics are still there (probably will be for the whole series by this stage of the game), but at least the jokes were genuinely witty. Sometimes they even leveraged the new setting of space to set up a joke perfectly. It was nice.

I also felt more invested in the story compared to the first episode and in part, (spoiler) because the character Barry returns. He’s always been an interesting villain to Archer and I hope he gets utilised later on in the season; perhaps same grand overarching arc between the two, as we’ve seen in the past.

I don’t have too many gripes apart from the choice to introduce the character called Bort who didn’t really do it for me. He wasn’t funny and served really as a tool to move the story along. Maybe he might be used better later.

Overall episode 2 was a good follow up to the opening. Hopefully, the rest of the season builds on the wit established there and each episode gets better with the jokes. So yes, a positive sequel, but let’s see if it can continue. 


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