Archer S10E03 Review

5/10. A soft pass. Archer S10E03 manages to do just enough to scrape through, but that’s not saying much.

Suffice to say, so far this season has been up and down. After disliking the first episode then actually enjoying the next, I feel like I’m now stuck somewhere between the middle with the third episode.

On one hand, I liked some of the jokes and even interesting concepts presented but then, on the other hand, it felt slow and boring.

Let’s start with the positives.

This episode has some great back and forth between characters. There are nice fast pace lines of dialogue, even some that continue over from one scene to the next in classic Archer style. I wouldn’t say it’s exactly like that time (or as great) the Archer crew were stuck together in an elevator (S06E05), but it’s akin to that because there are not many locations used in this episode.

I also like the neat scientific concept that happens when (spoiler) something invades their spaceship. It’s the closest I’ve seen Archer: 1999 come to being “Rick and Morty-esque”, but let me stop right there and say it’s not really that close. More so that there’s an idea around altering personality traits that feels similar to an episode in Rick and Morty (S03E06), but it’s nowhere near as great.

This leads to why the episode felt slow because it didn’t really expand on this great idea much. Rather than going to interesting extremes with what could happen with it, the story plods along at repetitive pace as it slowly reveals the mystery of the episode.

The last half of the episode waffles on and feels quite boring. Nothing drastically exciting happens, even though there was potential to take that extra step. I’m not sure why this could have been the case because S10E03 starts off great. Unless of course, they simply ran out of ideas of where to go from there; it also wasn’t written by Adam Reed (creator of Archer) so perhaps that might explain it.

In the end, I don’t feel strongly for or against S10E03. It’s right there in the middle. Not too hot, not too cold and just fine. But would I watch it again? Probably not. Are there still promising signs for the rest of the season? Yes. See you next week.


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