4/10. Dismal and lackluster. Archer S10E04 follows a conventional storyline that’s been done numerous times before and is filled with mediocre jokes at best.

By now, it’s becoming clear that Adam Reed (creator of Archer) has loosened his reigns over the series and has let other writers take over for episodes in Archer:1999. I say this, not only because this fourth episode wasn’t written by Reed, but even if you didn’t see the credits, you’d be more surprised (and disappointed) if it was actually written by him.

The biggest fault of Archer S10E04 is that the story feels so uninspiring when compared to the interesting plotlines we’re used to with the show.

I mean, how many times have we’ve seen the sci-fi premise where the characters find the wreckage of a lost space crew much similar to theirs and upon meeting the survivor(s), things go astray?

Surely, Reed would have known this was already not the most original concept to give the greenlight on.

Thankfully some of the jokes save it from being a total disaster, but even still, they’re nowhere near the same wit of earlier episodes or even Archer: S10E02 which thus far is my favourite episode in this new series (see review here).

There’s not much else to say other than that this episode was largely forgettable and disappointing from a creative standpoint. I’m beginning to worry that we’ve already seen the best there is and that the remaining episodes will be just as dismal.


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