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Category: 2008

Waltz With Bashir Movie Review

8/10 “Memory takes us where we need to go” Waltz With Bashir is a remarkable form of a documentary. Not only does it dive into a subject matter for which is engrossing in of itself, but it also does Read more…

Burn After Reading Movie Review

8/10 “Report back to me when it makes sense” If Seinfeld met the Coen Brothers, had a baby, and taught it how to use a camera, Burn After Reading would be the result. Only the Coen Brothers can make Read more…

Dear Zachary Movie Review

9.5/10 An incredibly moving documentary. But before you think of looking up anything about this movie, stop. I’ve even cut short the full title about this movie because it acts as a bit of a spoiler as this is one Read more…