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Category: 2019

True Detective Season 3 TV Review

8/10 A return to true form. True Detective Season 3 redeems Nic Pizzolatto’s reputation as an incredible writer of detective drama which started with the incredible first season of True Detective. While not as amazing as the first, Season Read more…

Three Identical Strangers Movie Review

7/10. One of the most unbelievable real-life stories I’ve heard. Three Identical Strangers is a thoroughly engrossing documentary on three identical brothers who were separated and adopted at birth. If there was ever a strong case for truth being Read more…

Captain Marvel Movie Review

Captain Marvel. 5.5/10 Another solid Marvel film. Captain Marvel works as a classic superhero film with enough originality and humour to be an easy and entertaining watch. It’s nothing spectacular but to the films credit, the story manages to Read more…