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Category: Animation

Isle Of Dogs Movie Review

9/10 Japan. Dogs. Wes Anderson Three things that I really like in life come together in film format and it (not surprisingly), didn’t disappoint. Just like how the title of Wes Anderson’s latest movie sounds like, I loved Isle Read more…

Fantastic Mr. Fox Movie Review

8/10 Given Wes Anderson is about to release another stop-motion animation picture, Isle Of Dogs, let’s dive into reviewing his very first animation, Fantastic Mr. Fox. Based on Roald Dahl’s children’s book of the same name, the plot follows Read more…

The LEGO Movie Review

9/10 I can’t believe I liked this so much, but Goddamn (!), The LEGO Movie is if anything, seriously underrated. Like most others, when I saw that LEGO was making a movie, I couldn’t help but think this was Read more…