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Cinema Owners Don’t See Why Scanning QR Codes to Then Print Out Tickets is Redundant

Ever felt confused about printing out your ticket even though you have it your phone? Well, cinema owners are saying you should feel grateful instead.

“People should be thanking us,” says 85-year-old local theatre owner Quentin Jonze. “If it weren’t for the printing machines, we’d have one person buying a movie ticket and then sharing that photo to all of their friends’ phones, so then everyone would go see the movie for free!”

Despite members from We Review You Watch explaining to Mr. Jonze that the online ticket system could work by having a unique barcode for each person which would prevent duplicates from being accepted, similar to how every other online ticketing system works for events, the cinema owner refused to accept such a possibility.

“Balderdash! When I scan my carton of milk at the grocery store two times, the machine will tell me that I has to pay for two cartons of milk even though I only want one! It’s the same thing with the movie tickets”.

Other cinema owners have shared similar views and also claim that the practice of having a physical copy of the ticket keeps an age-old tradition.

“When I was a little boy, I used to keep all my tickets in my diary,” says one elderly old man. “You can’t do that with smartphones these days.”

It seems that while technology continues to progress further and further, the cinema industry is content in staying behind the times.


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