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Clown Lives Matter – 25,000 Clowns Gather to Protest Their Depiction in Hollywood

Not so funny business. In an unprecedented event, thousands of clown performers have gathered outside Warner Bros. studios to protest their depiction in Hollywood.

The rally has been organised to coincide just before Warner Bros. release two of its biggest films, which centre around a clown figure, Stephen King’s It: Chapter Two and Todd Phillip’s Joker. While many fans are excited about their release, clown performers are less than pleased with how the films portray their profession.

“It’s absolutely reprehensible,” cries an angry clown. “We’re depicted as monsters and villains in the media. Now people think of us has evil things – things that people should be scared of. But that’s not who we are at all!

“We’re human beings who want to make you laugh – not cry”.

The clown protestors also say that Hollywood has severely damaged their public image to the point where many of them are now unemployed.

“I used to have 50 phone calls a week asking me to do birthday parties or weddings,” says Bozo the clown. “But after the movie It came out, all of a sudden no one wanted old “Bozo” anymore and now I’m homeless and eating out of a trash can”.

In a press release, Santa Monica Clown Club President Gus “Goober McFly” Baxter said that the purpose of the protest is more of an information session rather than a violent rally.

“People need to know that we’re not violent things that are there to hurt or scare them,” says Gus. “That’s why we’ve also got a charity asking for donations to help out clowns who have lost their jobs because of what’s currently happening in Hollywood.

“If you’d like to support their cause, please head to clownlivesmatter.com and donate what you can”.

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