Tattersalls Fitness has announced that there have been two cases of COVID-19 to emerge from its centre on Pitt Street in the Sydney CBD between a staff person and a gym member. While the fitness company is currently undergoing further inspection and cleaning, NSW Health have issued an alert for anyone who attended the gym on August 19, 21 and 23 to be on the lookout for symptoms.

The centre has issued an alert in a statement saying:

“Any customer who visited during this time should monitor their health and, if they develop any COVID-19 symptoms, get tested immediately and self-isolate”.

Channel 8 news spoke to frequent visitors to the centre and asked how they felt about the new cases that had emerged.

“I am very concerned as my kids are using Broadway shopping centre and I am asking them to avoid that place for a few weeks” says Anton, who is a parent to children living abroad in Sydney. Anton also adds that there should be tighter restrictions and checks before entering the shopping complex.

“They should not be doing shopping there for at least 2-3 weeks.”

Meanwhile other customers have expressed their dislike for at Gladys Berejiklian and how their government has handled the restrictions given the recent outbreaks that have continued to emerge.

“I think the NSW health authority and Gladys are a bit of a joke honestly” says Anita, a Kmart customer and regular visitor to the Broadway shopping centre. “The amount of times I’ve watched her speaking on the news countless times giving her updates and she’s just not said anything useful or helpful.”

“At one point it took her 2 weeks to make a decision on NSW schools being closed – just stringing everyone along saying “I’ll have more to update you in the coming days” while all the other states had closed their schools down. It was ridiculous!”

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