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Daniel Craig Injures Crew Member After Being Served Martini Stirred and Not Shaken

More production woes for Bond 25. Actor Daniel Craig has injured a crew member after being served a martini that was stirred and not shaken.

The James Bond star has been known to always stay in character on set but this time it looks like Craig went too far. The injuries include a broken jaw and bruised eye socket, with the crew member reportedly filing for damages against the star for the outburst.

Production for the film has been plagued with troubles but MGM Pictures are downplaying the incident and remain confident that the movie will be the best Bond yet.

“Oh no, it wasn’t anything sinister. It was all part of a fight scene,” says director Sam Mendez. “I mean, yes technically speaking that particular part of being served a martini wasn’t actually written in the script and happened off camera but Craig was only trying to some improv. That’s all”.

Rumours from the camp are that Craig has also yelled at other crew members if they had accidentally mentioned the word “Skyfall” and has supposedly even cried if reminded of past flame Vesper.

Interestingly, some fans are delighted with Craig’s commitment to the character and suggest that there need to be more method actors like him in Hollywood.

“Actors shouldn’t just act like the character; they should become the character” tweets user pussygalorelover49. “Also, have you ever had a stirred martini? It’s f**king disgusting. He was right to give that idiot who served him a knock to the head”.

Bond 25 is set for release sometime next year.


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