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Fans Ask if It’s OK to Like Kevin Spacey Films After Actor is Cleared of Sex Charges

Kevin Spacey has had all sexual assault claims dropped. But although the actor is rejoicing, many of his fans are still cautious to come out celebrating.

“Wait, does that mean it’s fine for me to say I like Kevin Spacey movies again?”, writes one user on Reddit. “Because as much as I’m against sexual assault, even though it looks that didn’t happen in the end, his movies are like, really really good and I really want to say I like them again.”

Others have been more vocal with their support for Spacey with some saying that what he was accused of pales in comparison to the actor’s illustrious filmography.

“This nigga brought us American Beauty, The Usual Suspects, L.A. Confidential and Se7en,” tweets user JohnDoe7. “Who gives a crap if he “slightly groped” some teenage boy thirty years ago because if that’s what it took to bring us those great films, it was f**king worth it.”

While it’s been nearly three years since Spacey was charged with sexual assault, outraged sexual assault victims are responding back in force stating that people shouldn’t forgive the actor just because they liked his films.

“I don’t care what some old grumpy judge said, he’s guilty and I can feel it”, cries proud feminist Marcia Triggered. “Once he decided to touch that poor little boy, that was it. You’re no longer allowed to like any of his films because that would be supporting that behaviour and you’re going to hell if you do that”.

“What if O.J Simpson started working at a local gun store? Would you still go there full knowing what he did to those poor people? I don’t think so.”

It’s unclear if the news will mean Spacey will be staging a comeback into acting.


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