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Fans Surprised Arthur is Still On TV

After news of a gay marriage, fans of the children’s television show Arthur are in disbelief that the cartoon is still on the air.

Although the show is entering its 22nd season, the show has only resurfaced in popularity after a recent episode showed Arthur’s teacher Mr. Ratburn marrying another male character Patrick. It marks the first time two male animated characters have wedded on a children’s television show, with many critics praising its progressive stance.

However, despite the praise, it seems that most fans are just surprised to hear that the show is still running.

“I thought that shit ended years ago!” tweets twitter user busterbunny33. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that they’re showing gay relationships in a positive light but fuck me, I honestly thought the show was done. How on Earth have there been 22 seasons?!”.

Even those in the gay rights movement seem indifferent to the recent news.

Daisy Hernandez, a transgender activist, and owner of the gay nightclub “Bummer Dude”, has come out to Channel 69 news stating: “I mean I guess I’m kinda happy? I don’t know, it’s weird. We’ve received a lot of support over the years from politicians, celebrities and non-for-profits but we didn’t expect some forgotten cartoon to also be on our side, but I guess we’ll take it and say thanks?”.

Interestingly, the biggest winners from the news of Mr. Ratburn’s marriage appears to be die hard conspiracy fans of the show on Reddit, who for years have speculated that the character was always secretly gay.

“Of course, he was gay! Are you serious?” writers Reddit user lesbianDW. “Just look at Mr. Ratburn’s good sense of fashion or his suave demeanor. Anyone who is actually a die hard fan could have told you that he likes going down on all fours.”

PBS Canada has also come out as winners, with viewership increasing ten-fold since the news came out.

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