WWE superstar John Cena is set to star in the next Fast and Furious film. However, producers have just found out that audiences won’t even be able to see him.

The realisation came just days after the casting announcement was made, when Cena performed a screen test but came back with unexpected results. Rumours from the camp are that while his voice could be heard, for some reason, his body couldn’t. In fact, it was entirely missing.

Producers are calling it “the strangest f**king thing* that has ever happened in the history of cinema.

“I couldn’t f**king believe it, he was like a ghost.” says co-star Vin Smiesel. “I could see him so clearly when he’s there in front of the green screen, but then as soon as the camera turned on, he was gone. It just couldn’t find him anymore.”

For years, Cena has claimed “that people can’t see him”, to which many found amusing.

But it seems that this time, he was right.

The news has put in doubt the future of not only his role in Fast and Furious 9 but also with his entire acting career. Cena has stated he is heartbroken and isn’t sure what his next move will be.

“It’s heartbreaking man,” cries Cena. “All I wanted to be was another famous WWE Hollywood actor. You know, someone that people could look up onto on the screen and say “wow”, but now they can’t even f**king see me, man. And the worst part is I’ve been asking for help for years, but no one came. It’s rough”.

While fans of the franchise have suggested simply CGI-ing Cena’s image, just like was done for the late actor Paul Walker, producers have quickly reminded them that photos of the actor don’t even exist.

We’ll continue to bring you updates as the story unfolds.


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