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Feminists Already Complaining About New White Male Cast for Ghostbusters 2020

Paul Rudd is set to star in Ghostbusters 2020 and everyone’s happy except feminists.

The announcement was just made via the official Ghostbusters Facebook page in a video from Rudd himself stating how he gladly accepted the role. But while many fans are excited with the choice, it seems that feminists who enjoyed Paul Feig’s all-women Ghostbusters reboot are less than pleased.

“Another classic case of Hollywood f**king over women,” says an angry feminist protestor. “It’s like taking one step forward and then two steps back. What was wrong with the reboot? God, forbid we have another Ghostbusters with the same women from before or the whole world will end.”

More passionate feminist fans have gone one step further and suggested this could be related to Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man popularity.

“It’s basically superherowashing against women,” tweets one user by the username “myvaginamybody44”.

Although the decision has sparked some controversy, by in large, most of the internet is buzzing with excitement and others say any negativity from feminists isn’t warranted.

“Bitches be cray,” writes a user on Reddit. “Once again reading WAY too much into a little thing. Not to mention they already got their chance with that shitty reboot but blew it. Quiet down now please.”

You can watch Paul Rudd’s announcement here.


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