Mass feminist riots have broken out across the world. The reason: the depiction of a powerful woman who turns evil in a fictional superhero film.

The film in question is X-Men: Dark Phoenix which stars Sophie Turner as the mutant Jean Grey-Summers. A powerful telepathic and telekinetic. But now, she’s turned evil and feminists are outraged.

“It’s absolutely reprehensible what they’ve done to her,” says feminist rally leader Michael Scott. “I mean, it’s classic Hollywood, isn’t it? They always show why women in power are a bad thing and how they’re a danger for the whole world. It’s f**king ridiculous”.

Most are surprised at the depiction, given that Marvel Comics produced the film. A longtime facilitator of equal rights and promoter of diversity in Hollywood, many aren’t sure what the hell happened. In response to these questions, Marvel’s CEO Stan Lee Jr. will be holding a press conference later this week.

However, it seems that damage has already be done. Many feminist Marvel fans have now turned their back on the production company and have called for boycotts of the film. Some fans have even taken to YouTube to show them burning Captain Marvel memorabilia.

In contrast, men’s rights activists are celebrating wildly with parades through the streets. “For too long, men have always played the bad guys in movies and we’re f**king sick of it*, says one supporter. “It’s time for the whole world to see that women can actually be the villain as well. Equality for all!”

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is out this Thursday.


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