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Ford v. Ferrari Film Undergoing Australian Re-brand to Be Commodore v. Holden

To appeal to Australian audiences, 20th Century Fox is rebranding their upcoming film, Ford v. Ferrari. The major change: it will be renamed to Commodore v. Falcon.

The film is set around the 1966 24 hour Le Mans race in France, in which a Ford car aimed to defeat the dominant champion Ferrari. But while shooting has completed, Fox is now worried that the film will only appeal to Americans.

“After the first screening, we knew we f**ked up,” says 20th Century Fox CEO Bart Simpson. “It was too much “look how great America is, with America this and America that”. So, in the spirit of diversity and trying to make more money, we decided to make some changes to reach broader audiences like Australia”.

Such changes, apart from the film’s title, are rumoured to also include aesthetic adjustments. For example, Australian voices will be dubbed over, and the soundtrack shall include only classic Aussie pub rock from Cold Chisel and Midnight Oil.

“We know how much Australians love their cars and we want to do justice to not only that passion, but also pioneers of that industry like Peter Brock and Bob Jane. Hence, we’re also exploring options of having them part of the story and potentially CGI-ing them into the film.”

In response, many Australians don’t seem too bothered by the changes or even the film in general. “What’s that mate?” says one Aussie car lover in an interview after hearing the news.

Ford v. Ferrari is expected to be released later this year.


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