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Guy Who Rips People’s Movie Tickets Still Not Sure Why He Has a Job

Once upon a time, ticket ushers were the gatekeepers of cinema. But now, most of them are surprised they can still work in the digital age.

“It still doesn’t make any sense to me,” says Event Cinemas ticket usher Roger Ebert Jr. “We have gyms and workplaces that use digital tags or scans to let people through baffle gates, so why the f**k do I still need to be here? Once the baffle gate was invented, that should have been the end of ticket ushering.”

While many think ticket ushers are the unsung heroes of the cinema industry, they say it doesn’t feel like that at all.

“Unsung hero? Is that a f**king joke?” says Roger. “I rip people’s tickets for a living. Anyone who thinks were doing something heroic has grossly misinterpreted what we do or is completely delusional”.

Other ticket ushers online have backed Roger’s comments stating that they have no illusions the digital age is a serious threat to their jobs in the near future.

“We live in the age of smartphones and the internet, where most customers buy tickets online, scan their QR barcode when they arrive and THEN print/collect their ticket,” says one Reddit user.

“Does anyone else find that exercise completely redundant? Why not just have the machine that scans your barcode at the entrances to the theatre? It literally defeats the whole purpose of going online when you have to print out tickets, not to mention to then have someone like me rip them for you”.

Though these sentiments might seem negative, most tickets ushers have said they’re still very much happy with their work.

“Of course, I’m happy. These are just observations of facts. At the end of the day, I’m the one that’s getting money for nothing so why wouldn’t I be happy?” says Roger.


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