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Hipster Film Critic Continues to Be Appalled at Mainstream Cinema 

Local film critic Nick Van Vuuren is in his fifth year of reviewing movies and he says mainstream cinema is still terrible.

“Nothing’s changed,” scoffs Van Vuuren. “Hollywood continues to churn out the same lifeless blockbuster over and over and expects us to love them. Where has the passion gone? There is no art in movies anymore, it’s really sad.”

Since starting his own film review blog “IHateMovies” in 2014, Van Vuuren has amassed a cult following of passionate independent movie fans who have treated the film critic’s opinion as to their own.

“He’s just right about everything when it comes to the state of cinema these days”, tweets user ingmar-tarkovsky4. “I used to think I knew what movie was great and why, but now I can just read Nick’s blog and he can tell me all that I need because he knows me better than anyone else.”

For those wondering if there’s any hope for the art of filmmaking in 2019, Van Vuuren says there are still great films being made that no one knows about.

“If people truly want to appreciate the visual art, there’s only one way they can do that now and that’s by watching more independent foreign films. Sure, they might be harder to find because some don’t get released everywhere but still.”

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