Hollywood officially confirms: China not cool anymore.

CEO Executives from Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Sony and even Disney, have acted upon wishes from each of the companies’ boards, to file a joint suit against the republic of China for damages caused to them by the corona virus.

Not only does the suit mark the first of its kind case, it is also reportedly one of the largest suits to be filed in history with the compensation amount being sought after to be over $2 trillion.

“It’s not about money,” Warner Brothers CEO Christian Ledger expresses in deep sincerity. “It’s about sending a message to a country that has been responsible for not just one epidemic but several in the last five years which has ravaged our beloved movie industry”.

China’s President, Mr Pol Pot, has yet to respond to the suit but when briefly interviewed about it, the President responded: “Hey, hey! China still cool”.

The corona virus is causing massive amounts of chaos all across the world and importantly, for the movie industry which has seen thousands of cinemas close their doors.

Several blockbusters such as the new James Bond film No Time to Die have already pushed back their release dates until the end of the year.

We’ll keep you up to date as the story unfolds.


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