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James Lipton to Interview God in Next Instalment of Inside the Actors Studio

James Lipton is set to interview his biggest guest yet: God.

While the creator and host of the popular TV series, Inside the Actors Studio, passed away today at the age 93, Lipton is reportedly very excited to get his chance at exploring the mind of one of the biggest creators the universe has ever seen.

“Who wouldn’t be excited to interview the very man himself?” says Lipton from a vision that appeared to student actors that gathered in his studio to lay down flowers.

“I’ve always asked my guests what they’d say when they arrived at the Pearly Gates, and my answer has always been: ‘when are you free because I’d love to interview you’”.

Unfortunately, with the advent of the corona virus, the creator of the universe and everything we know has been extremely busy answering prayers from people all over the world.

However, Lipton has confirmed that the almighty has accepted and locked in an interview session with the 93-year old at a later date in September.

In the meantime, Lipton is already planning several interviews with actors who have passed away from previous generations and were active years before he was born.

“James Dean. Buster Keaton. Charlie Chaplin. Clark Gable. There’s just too many I can’t wait to interview and find out what makes them tick”, says an ecstatic Lipton.


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