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John Cena Files Copyright Lawsuit Against Blumhouse For The Invisible Man

“I’m the original invisible man. You can’t see me!”.

Those were the stern words from an angry John Cena who left court this morning, addressing a row of reporters that were there to ask about his recent lawsuit. The suit is against famous movie producer, Jason Blum, and his production company Blumhouse who released the movie The Invisible Man which Mr. Cena claims completely infringes on who he is to in life.

“It’s completely ridiculous, malicious and even facetious” says Mr. Cena. “Not once was there a meeting with me before the decision was made to go ahead with the movie. A movie and a producer that wants to steal my identity without even consulting me.”

“Of course, I’m pissed off. I should at least be getting royalties!”.

Mr. Blum has refused to comment on the proceedings but writer and director of the film, Leigh Whannell, has come out swinging saying that the WWE superstar doesn’t have any right to the name.

“He should just piss off!” says Mr. Whannell.

The Invisible Man has grossed over $130 million dollars worldwide and Mr. Cena is reportedly seeking half of all profits made.

We’ll keep you up to date as the story unfolds.


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