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Liv Tyler Makes Same Mistake of Dating Another Astronaut

Poor life choices seem to continue for actress Liv Tyler. Once again, she has decided to date another astronaut sent on a suicide mission.

The news comes after last week’s trailer for Ad Astra. A science fiction film that stars Brad Pitt as an astronaut tasked with saving humanity. And who is cast as Pitt’s wife? None other than actress and woman who can’t catch a break with men, Liv Tyler.

Yes, the very same Liv Tyler who previously dated astronaut Ben Affleck in the science fiction film Armageddon. Like Pitt, Affleck was also tasked with a dangerous mission that threatened to leave Tyler a widow.

But it seems that past experience hasn’t taught her anything when it comes to relationships and she doesn’t seem too concerned whatsoever.

“No, I’m not worried,” says the actress. “I mean, would it be easier if I dated normal guys who didn’t risk their lives on the line and subsequently threated my emotional well-being while I worried sick over them? Sure. But…I’m sorry what was the question again?”.

Fans of Tyler are hoping that third time will be the charm, but many won’t be surprised if she fell for the same trap again.

“Bitches man…” tweets user LowRider31.

Ad Astra is set for release later this year.


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