LSD Users Love New Wonder Woman Poster

A new Wonder Woman poster has set the internet alight, and especially those on acid.

The poster is for the upcoming film, Wonder Woman 1984, and features a spectacular background of colours with actress Gal Gadot in front. While many are praising its vibrant colours, it appears that such excitement has come none more so than from people who take LSD.

“You get like the best f**king trips just by looking at it, man,” says local drug user Dave. “Once, I felt like I was in a rainbow time machine, and sometimes I don’t even have to drop a tab and it still does it for me man”.

Epileptic patients have also claimed the poster can trigger seizures.

Doctors are baffled as to how such phenomena are possible, but some psychologists are suggesting that it could be related to an image of an attractive woman and not the colours themselves.

“People don’t just go crazy over colours,” says clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson. “Most of these reports are coming from men and it’s clearly an adverse reaction to the sight of a gorgeous female. It’s simple biology is all”.

Regardless of the cause, parents of victims are calling for a ban on the poster’s release because of its unintended effects.

“It’s horrible,” says one mother. “My son hasn’t been able to sleep properly for days ever since that poster came out. He keeps whispering Gal Gadot’s name and having wet dreams. That’s no way to live”.

Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled for release June 2020.


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