Mike Myers Laughs Hysterically at Cats Trailer

There’s a new trailer out for the movie Cats and no one’s laughing harder at how bad it is than Mike Myers.

Known for his infamous portrayal as the cat in The Cat in the Hat, fans and critics heralded Myers’ look in the movie as one of the worst costumes in the history of cinema. The film received extremely negative reviews, bringing the actor to quickly announce his retirement from acting who has subsequently only appeared in a couple of cameos since.

But while many were once laughing at Myers, it seems that the actor is now laughing back.

Universal Pictures has just released a trailer for their new film Cats, based on the award-winning Broadway musical of the same name. Although it stars Hollywood A-listers like James Corden, Idris Elba, and Judi Dench, the trailer currently has over 420,000 dislikes on YouTube and is receiving much hate due to its questionable costume design for its human-cat like characters.

All of which have delighted a gleeful ex-actor.

“And you thought I looked bad,” says Myers. “The costumes in Cats look like the furballs coughed up by The Cat in the Hat. I mean, it’s 2019 and even my shit in 2003 was better than that.”

In an interview with We Review You Watch, the actor spoke about how for years people would continue to harass him for his The Cat in the Hat role, even to the point where his girlfriend at the time ended their relationship over it.

“Everyone gave me shit. I’d even go down to the supermarket and I could see everyone that I walked past would be laughing at me. Well, guess who’s laughing now you motherf**kers?”.

Catch the trailer here.

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