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Movie Goers Shocked at Three-Hour Runtime for Tolkien

Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien were eager to see the new biopic this weekend, but many fell asleep during the three-hour runtime.

This has taken moviegoers by surprise as most were expecting the film to be less than 2-hours. But keeping with the tradition of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, as each film was 3-hours long on average, the new film Tolkien clocked in at 187 minutes.

The film’s producers are standing behind the film, arguing that if it worked six times before, it’s bound to work again the seventh time.

“Normally Hollywood would never allow anything like this,” says executive producer Peter Jackson, who directed all the films in the Tolkien franchise, “But then we did Fellowship of the Ring and then The Two Towers and so on, and look what happened there. People loved that shit.”

In response, the Tolkien estate has issued a press release stating that the decision to have such a lengthy runtime makes absolutely no sense given the late author’s rather uninteresting life.

“As much as we loved Papa, in all honesty, he was quite a boring fellow,” says Tolkien’s daughter Galadriel. “He didn’t really leave the house much because all he did was write. And it might sound strange to say, but I actually think his books said more words than he ever did out loud”.

It remains to be seen if the three-hour runtime will discourage other moviegoers but fans who have already watched the film suggest bringing a pillow and blanket.

Tolkien is showing in cinemas now.


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