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New Lady and The Tramp Poster Deemed Unrealistic for Showing Dogs Eating Spaghetti and Not Poop

Disney has released the first poster for The Lady and The Tramp live-action remake, but fans are already saying it’s nowhere near realistic enough.

The main problem: it depicts the lead characters eating a bowl of spaghetti and not other dogs’ feces.

“Once again Disney has got it completely wrong,” writes one Reddit user by the username saltyjusticewarrior44. “I mean, yes, my dog loves to eat pasta as well, but nowhere near as much as other dogs’ poo that he finds in the park which is just like every other dog in the world.”

“If they’re going to do a realistic live-action remake, at least make it true to the source material”.

Others have also questioned why the restaurant owners are outside smiling and watching the two leads eat their dinner, instead of chasing them off like the stray dogs that they are.

“No restaurant in the world would want to have a couple of dirty stray dogs sit outside its establishment eating its food,” says a Disney fan. “If a customer saw that, it would ruin their business!”

While Disney’s spokesperson Mickey Mouse has yet to come out with a response, the film is still booked to take in billions at the box office when released.

The Lady and The Tramp is expected to hit screens in 2020.


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