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New Netflix Series: A Mums Guide to Celery Juice

Move over Martha Stewart, there are some new sheriffs in town. Netflix has announced a new series where regular mums will guide viewers on everything there is to know with celery juice.

The news comes off the back of Anthony William’s best-seller: “Medical Medium, Celery Juice”. A book on understanding the missing link in your life and getting it back through celery juice. Touted to be the most revolutionary health treatment since penicillin, the book has swept the world, and particularly, with middle-aged mums.

“It’s changed my life completely!” says mother of six Casey Donovan. “I used to be a size 23, and now I’m a size 21! All because I drink one glass of celery juice first thing in the morning and only on an empty stomach, of course”.

As a result of the fad, Netflix has greenlighted a 15-episode season showcasing ordinary mums and their tips on implementing celery juice in their everyday life.

“We don’t want this to just be another cooking show,” says Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. “Sure, cooking is going to be involved, but we want viewers to experience everyday mums talking about how they make their lives better. An informal chat show, just with a lot more celery juice talk.”

However, when queried about the scientific validity of the effects of celery juice, Hastings refused to comment.

The show is expected to be released in Spring.

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