It’s official. Pixar is fed up with the marketing team for Child’s Play. What started as a funny idea, has now quickly lost its charm.

It began last month when actor Mark Hamill released the first poster for his upcoming horror film Child’s Play. The image showed the mutilated remains of beloved Toy Story character Woody and his killer Chucky mercilessly walking away.

As a result, fans on the internet laughed and many critics praised its originality. Even Pixar, the production company behind Toy Story, was delighted with the clever marketing strategy.

But it seems that such love has ceased.

After releasing two more posters that featured other Toy Story characters being murdered, Pixar has released an official statement saying they are tired of seeing the same old joke.

“The first time it was funny. Now it’s just annoying,” says Pixar CEO Steven Jobs. “I don’t know what the f**k we did to piss off the marketing team for Child’s Play but clearly someone there must really not like Toy Story. Maybe it gave them nightmares as a kid or something. Honestly, I don’t know”.

Others are also sharing similar views, with some even calling it lame and unoriginal at this point.

“It’s like your Dad at a family event, who tells a good joke. Then at the next event, he says the exact same joke again but expects everyone to laugh just as hard.”

Child’s Play is out next month.


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