Police Still Suspicious of Guy Who Enjoyed Joker Way Too Much

The twenty-two-year-old male is currently under police surveillance after tweeting he thought the film Joker was a masterpiece of cinema.

“It’s ridiculous. This is just another example of the 1% trying to shut out the truth!” says the male to reporters.

Police also report that the male has subsequently released more tweets supporting the film and has even updated his Facebook status to encourage others to see the film stating: “JOKER is one of those IMPORTANT films that EVERYONE should take notice.”

Since its release, the film has made law enforcement officials nervous around the world given the story’s theme of empowering the poor and calling to action the lower socio-economic classes to unite for a bloody revolt against the upper class.

“Films like this inspire crazies,” says police commissioner James Gordon. “We’re trying to politely remind people not to act out like clowns, and that any messages or ideas that they see from this film are just simple fantasies that should not be entertained. Otherwise, we will step in with violent force.”

“We don’t want to, but we will if we have to”.

These comments have further sparked outraged among supporters of the film and the hashtags “downwithyourlies” and “HAHA” now trending on Twitter.

We’ll keep you up to date as the story unfolds.


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