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Producers Confirm Sequel That No One Asked For

Ridley Scott has declared plans for a second Gladiator. A film that no fan has asked a sequel for.

The film’s producers made the announcement during a press tour for MIB: International. Reportedly, the idea is to set the sequel some 25 years after the events of the first film, but the question on everyone’s mind is: why?

“Well to tell you the truth, we kind of ran out of ideas,” says producer Michael Bay. “But we knew that sequels to popular films were all the rage now, so we thought what better action blockbuster to do a sequel for than Gladiator. Well, that and Ridley and I also kind of ran out of money”.

Fans are expressing their outrage all over the internet, with many saying that by doing it just for money is completely unethical.

“Classic f**king Hollywood,” says one Reddit user. “Maximus Decimus Meridius must be rolling in his grave right now.”

Others have been less negative with some saying they’ll even watch it.

“It’s probably going to be shit, but I got nothing better to watch so I’ll still see it,” says another Reddit user.

We’ll keep you updated as the story unfolds.


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