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Rick and Morty S04E01 – Edge of Tomorty Review

8/10. Witty and insightful. Rick and Morty S04E01 – Edge of Tomorty is a great premiere to remind fans that one of the television’s best shows hasn’t lost its way.

What makes the Rick and Morty series so captivating is its ability to deftly blend witty humour with original thought-provoking concepts and with Edge of Tomorty, we get exactly that.

Spoofing the name of the film Edge of Tomorrow, Morty finds these death crystals that allow him to see all future possibilities of how he will die, fitting in with the premise of that Tom Cruise film. He soon becomes enthralled with what they show him and decides very carefully live his life based on what the crystals predict will happen.

It’s an obvious metaphor for not trying to live your life in fear of death or what might happen in the future, but rather to balance your time of thinking ahead against living in the moment when you can. Which is why the concept is insightful enough to make you think but also hilarious enough for the episode to display some very abstract death scenarios.

Each death scenario feels punchier than the last and the format of animation is once again being put to great use with several alternative realities being drawn into the episode, which wouldn’t work as well had it been live-action. We can’t imagine how many storyboards were developed (let alone those that didn’t make the cut) but they all feel whimsical and are beautifully animated with a burst of colours. There are very good reasons why each season has had a significant amount of time between release dates and we can imagine that effort put in production would be one of those.

But what we loved most about the episode was the humour.

Coming into the fourth season, we weren’t sure if Rick and Morty would be able to continue its excellent writing, particularly in the joke department but we’re glad to have those concerns put to the bed. There’s a few great one-liners to take away from this episode but for us, the alternative reality where a caterpillar version of Mr. Goldenfold is being eaten alive by a wasp Sanchez family is one of the most disturbing and hilarious moments that reminds you the genius of Rick and Morty.

While admittedly our love for the show has slightly declined since the release of Nathan For You which in our eyes has surpassed it, Edge of Tomorty has reignited the spark for why we fell in love with Rick and Morty in the first place. It’s one of the only shows pushing the boundaries of animation with an incredible amount of skill in writing some of the funniest and most innovative concepts that you can see on television.

And we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the season.


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