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Student Finishes Last Exam and Can Finally Watch Netflix Without Guilt

Thousands of Australian students are feeling relieved today. With their last exam finished, many can finally binge watch Netflix free from any guilt.

This year has seen a higher number of reports by students who said that the pressure of university life has increased their stress levels. From weekly online quizzes, mid-semester tests, in-class assignments, and end of year exams, it’s no wonder many students turn to avenues like Netflix for relief.

“You don’t know what it’s like,” says student Isabelle Hall. “There’s so much f**king expectation put on you, it’s crazy. Netflix is like a stress ball for your mind. That’s why I need it.”

Indeed, now that exams have finished, students are saying they feel much happier now that they can procrastinate in peace. Students have described how even more stress is added when watching TV shows during times they should be studying.

“As much as I needed Netflix to relieve stress during the semester, it also created more stress because I knew it was distracting me from all the work I had to do”, continues Hall. “Now with the end of exams, it doesn’t matter. I can finally f**king watch anything I want”.

Interestingly, since Netflix streaming services began in 2015, the average grade of university students has drop 2.3 GPA points according to academic transcript records.

Netflix appears to be the only true winner amongst the debacle.


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