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Tag: antihero

Venom Movie Review

3/10 Forgettable and confusing. Venom is a classic case of a film that most know is going to be bad but will still end up seeing it for an actor that they like. Hopefully, this review will make you reconsider. Tom Read more…

Deadpool 2 Movie Review

5/10 “You can’t really live until you’ve died a little” I felt very underwhelmed by this film. Coming in off a high from the original, Deadpool 2 unfortunately misses the mark in terms of comedy, which is mostly the reason why I enjoyed the original so Read more…

Deadpool Movie Review

7/10 “Maximum effort”  If only other superhero movies could be this R rated and not be afraid to take themselves that seriously. Because one of the major attractions that drew me to Deadpool was the angle of being an almost Read more…