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Halloween (2018) Movie Review

4.5/10 Entertaining one minute, then mediocre for the next fifteen. Halloween succeeds in making its villain feel menacing and even throws in clever callbacks for fans of the original. It’s everything between the moments of good that bring it Read more…

Halloween Movie Recommendations: Part 2 (2018 Edition)

More recommendations for horror films this Halloween. Link to Part 1 here: Funny Games (2007) 8.5/10 The perfectly executed horror film. Funny Games is a psychological horror that follows two young men and their reign of terror on a Read more…

Halloween Movie Recommendations: Part 1 (2018 Edition)

Here’s a quick overview of horror films we recommend for this Halloween (more films in upcoming parts). Martyrs (2008) 7.5/10 Gruesome and truly horrifying. Martyrs is a French psychological horror film that tells the revenge story of Lucie and Read more…