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Tarantino Bitch Slaps Interviewer for Asking Another Silly Question

Quentin Tarantino has slapped a reporter. Why? The director cites being asked yet another silly question on violence in his films.

“It’s ridiculous. 20 years I’ve been asked the same type of question,” says an angry Tarantino. “’ Why do you like violence so much? You really don’t believe a link between violence in films and reality?’ – I’m sick of it. So, I had to slap some sense in them.”

The incident has occurred while Tarantino is touring to promote his new film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and the interviewer is reportedly someone from the BBC Channel 4 News.

“I thought I was done with that type of shit after being interviewed by that twat Krishnan Guru-Murthy.”

Tarantino is referring to a similar incident between him and anchor Krishnan Guru-Murthy while promoting his film Django Unchained. The interview gained notoriety after Tarantino refused to answer Guru-Murthy’s question on violence and spawned the quote “I’m shutting your butt down.”

Scotland Yard is investigating the slap further stating that the reporter in question is seeking damages for assault against the Hollywood director.

BBC has declined to release an official statement at this time.


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