The Mandalorian Renamed to “The $100 Million Dollar Baby Yoda Show”

It’s official. The Mandalorian will be renamed to “The $100 Million Dollar Baby Yoda Show” after fans voted for the change on Reddit.

In what was an unlikely poll, Lucas Films, and Disney surprised fans by optioning off the rights to the name of their popular Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian based on growing complaints from viewers.

Many expressed their distaste that the show was being mainly marketed about the bounty hunters known as the Mandalorians, and in their opinion, less about the “real star” of the show, baby Yoda.

“The only reason I watch this shit is because of baby Yoda,” cries one angry Star Wars fan. “Everything is just stupid filler. The Mandalorian literally just flies around from one planet to another planet, doing sweet f**k all and apparently that’s meant to make for ‘gripping’ television.”

“Baby Yoda is the only thing keeping the whole show together.”

While some fans have welcomed the change in name by Lucas Films and Disney, others are demanding a brand-new spin-off series purely dedicated to baby Yoda himself.

“There should be a whole new season based on just baby Yoda or even just Yoda growing up. Maybe one season he’s a baby, then the next he’s a child and then the next he’s a teen and finally when he’s an adult.”

“That would be the smart move in my opinion,” says a fan who adamantly complains about the Star Wars franchise but who watched The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi eighteen times when released and has accumulated a large collection of Star Wars memorabilia at home.

We’ll keep you up to date as the story unfolds.


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