Thousands of Game of Thrones Fans Are Getting Their Eyes Checked

Optometrists are reporting a 237% increase in requested appointments from customers who watched last night’s game of thrones episode.

After sitting through a 90-minute epic, fans have been left confused on exactly what happened and are claiming it’s because they “couldn’t see anything that was going on.”

While the episode (titled “The Battle of Winterfell”) has received thunderous praise from critics, it seems that now many fans have concluded that there must be something wrong with their eyes.

A Twitter user who identifies as “KeepGhostAliveorElse”, has come out saying “there’s no way the production quality was to blame, we’ve already been given 8 seasons of masterclass filmmaking, it has to be something else #getyoureyeschecked”.

Leading experts in the optics industry have labeled it as a mass hysteria to a simple explanation that the producers of the show forgot to properly light the set.

“I mean, look, on one hand we’re ecstatic that more people are wanting to get their eyes checked but on the other hand, we don’t know what to tell people who don’t believe us when we say there’s nothing wrong with their eyes” says Dr C. Kleerly from OPSM Australia.

He goes on to add: “it’s ridiculous…people don’t believe us and what’s worse is most of them go in to ask if they can nocturnal eye implants”.

One fan on reddit has responded to these claims with the counter argument that “well if owl’s can have eyes that see in the dark, why can’t we?”.

Producers of the show from HBO have declined to comment.

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