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Why Danny Brown is Better Than Jimmy Fallon at Being a Late-Night Talk Show Host – Danny’s House (review)


This is my review of Danny’s House. A show hosted by Danny Brown that unlike other talk shows, manages to create a hangout atmosphere for its guests so they can relax and feel comfortable enough to partake in some of the dumbest but funniest conversations on TV.

Which is a crucial aspect that I’ve seen lacking in many other talk shows with hosts that rely too much on scripted cards and formulated questions prepared before they interview a guest. But Danny’s House is different. Because with Danny Brown, not only is he an incredibly talented rapper – he’s also a naturally good conversationalist who can guide a conversation to interesting and funny directions.

This is my video explaining why.

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Who is Danny Brown?

Dewan Sewell (born March 16, 1981), known professionally as Danny Brown, is an American rapper and songwriter. He is described by MTV as “one of rap’s most unique figures in recent memory”. In 2010, after amassing several mixtapes, Brown released his debut studio album, The Hybrid. Brown began to gain major recognition after the release of his second studio album, XXX, which received critical acclaim and earned him such accolades as Spin, as well as Metro Times “Artist of the Year”. In 2013, he entered a US Billboard chart, with the release of his third studio album, Old, which reached number 18 on the US Billboard 200 chart and spawned three singles, “Dip”, “25 Bucks” and “Smokin & Drinkin”, which peaked at number 31 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart. His fourth studio album, Atrocity Exhibition, was released on September 27, 2016 and his fifth studio album, U Know What I’m Sayin?, was released on October 4, 2019.

On July 10, 2014, Brown opened for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in front of 37,500 people in Marlay Park, Dublin. On July 11 and 12, Brown opened in front of 100,000 fans for Eminem’s sold-out concert at Wembley Stadium in London. In November 2014, Brown appeared on the song “Detroit vs. Everybody” alongside fellow Detroit-based rappers Eminem, Royce Da 5’9″, Trick-Trick, Dej Loaf and Big Sean, from the Shady Records compilation album Shady XV. In October 2014, Brown announced he was working on a new album. In January 2015, Brown announced he was working on a Dr. Seuss-inspired children’s book, written for his 13-year-old daughter: “It’s really about self-esteem in black girls,” the rapper told radio station Triple J during his Australian tour. “You know how black women do so much – process their hair, change their eye color? It’s really about a little girl who does all these things to herself and changes herself, and she realizes she’s just better off the way she is.”

In April 2015, when asked if his album was done, Brown responded: “Almost. I took a break from it cause I’m so ahead of schedule with it knowing it ain’t coming out no time soon”. In 2015, Brown became the lead artist on the theme song for the ABC comedy series Fresh Off the Boat. On June 10, 2016, Brown revealed on Instagram that he was “putting the final touches” on his fourth album. On June 14, Brown announced his signing to Warp Records and released the first official single from his upcoming album, titled “When It Rain”. On July 17, Brown stated his new album would be titled Atrocity Exhibition, taking inspiration from the Joy Division song. In August 2016, Brown appeared on The Eric Andre Show, alongside ASAP Rocky, Nocando, Open Mike Eagle, and Go Dreamer. His album Atrocity Exhibition was shortlisted by IMPALA (The Independent Music Companies Association) for the Album of the Year Award 2016, which rewards on a yearly basis the best album released on an independent European label. In late April 2019, it was announced that Brown’s fifth studio album, titled uknowhatimsayin¿, would be released later that year, featuring production from Q-Tip, JPEGMafia, and Paul White.

In June 2019, Viceland announced that Brown would star in a talk show titled “Danny’s House” produced by Derrick Beckles. The show’s first season began on August 14, 2019. Since August 12 2019, he plays Griffin in the ARG Dad and he’s also featured, as the character, in the song Dad Feels Good by Dad. In December 2019, he appeared as himself in a Grand Theft Auto Online expansion as a radio host with Skepta. Brown also lent his voice to another fictional character in the game.

And if you’re still reading this – hello.

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