It’s official. Will Smith has announced he doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore.

In an interview with David Letterman’s son Jimmy Kimmel, Will Smith has made the shocking revelation that he’s having a mid-life crisis. Many have speculated this was the case with his horrendous choices for films in the last decade, but it appears after saying yes to playing the genie for Aladdin, that was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

“I remember thinking to myself, what the f**k am I doing?” reveals Will Smith. “Why am I sitting through three hours of make-up just to look like someone from the f**king blue man group. This does not look like a genie. It looks like a fat middle-age slob who doesn’t know where the all the time has gone”.

While celebrating his 50th skydiving over Dubai, the actor started realising that he’s wasted the last ten years of his life.

“Almost none of the shit that I made was great. Seven Pounds, Men in Black 3, Focus, Suicide Squad, Bright. It’s all f**king dog shit.” says Will Smith. “I went from being the motherfucking Prince of Bel-Air, to saving the Earth in Independence Day, and now to this dumbass blue man crap (in reference to Aladdin). I even performed at Coachella this year with my son…what is wrong with me?!”

In light of the announcement, fans of Smith have come out showing support for the broken actor, with most now feeling bad for making fun of his bad choices.

“I mean I trolled the guy because of how shit After Earth was but nobody wants to see him like this now.” says one Twitter user by the handle rawdawgornodawg52. “Look at him, the guy’s a slobbery mess. It’s f**king sad man”.

At the end of his interview, Smith urged other Hollywood superstars to not make the same mistakes that he did. “Please, if anything, don’t think with your eyes on the millions of dollars. You can’t wipe your tears away with money. Well actually you can but the point is to try and not to okay. Think about doing something that you’re genuinely passionate about  and not just something that will make you rich”.

Smith is set to star in his next million-dollar blockbuster film Gemini Man, which is being released in August.


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